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Power Generators and Voltage Regulators

Power Generators and Voltage Regulators

Grand 3 Mustika Hotel, Blikpapan | 26-28 Oktober 2011 | Rp 6.500.000,-


This four-day technical course includes a detailed study of power generators and voltage regulators, and the interaction between the two. The course also provides a solid understanding of generator paralleling, VAR flows, and generator/regulator response to changing loads and system voltages. A good working knowledge of polyphase AC theory is recommended as a prerequisite; however, a refresher of the important fundamentals is presented at the beginning of the course. This course is designed to enable participants to:

  • Identify the peak and effective AC voltage values on a waveform
  • Describe the fundamental operations of a generator
  • Describe how generators operate in parallel
  • Describe the operating principle of differential protection

Course outline

I. Fundamentals of AC Power

  1. AC waveforms
  2. AC phase relationships
  3. Resistance in AC circuits
  4. Capacitance in AC circuits
  5. Power in AC circuits

II. Semiconductor Fundamentals

  1. Atomic review
  2. Semiconductor conduction
  3. Extrinsic semiconductors
  4. Diodes
  5. Transistors
  6. Silicon controlled rectifiers
  7. Thyrite
  8. Logic review
  9. Operational amplifiers

III. AC Synchronous Generators

  1. Voltage regulator function
  2. Voltage regulator components
  3. Voltage regulator operation
  4. Auxiliary regulator functions
  5. Voltage regulator troubleshooting

IV. Voltage Regulators/Exciters

  1. Voltage regulator function
  2. Voltage regulator components
  3. Voltage regulator operation
  4. Auxiliary regulator functions
  5. Voltage regulator troubleshooting

V. Generator Protection

  1. Short circuit protection
  2. Ground fault protection
  3. Overload protection
  4. Thermal protection
  5. Overspeed protection
  6. Low field excitation or loss of field excitation protection
  7. Generator motoring protection
  8. Protection against unbalanced faults
  9. Overexcitation protection


WHO Should Attend?

This course is recommended for maintenance technicians, field engineers, and operators who are required to work with fixed plant generation equipment.


Ir. Teguh Santosa

Expert in Generator and AVR, UPS, DCS, PLC, etc


During the training, participant will be in interactive learning mode, by actively join the group discussion, sharing concepts, role plays, games and case studies.


3 days training


26-28 Oktober 2011


Grand 3 Mustika Hotel Jl Ars Muhamad No 51, Balikpapan Kalimantan Timur.

Course fee:

  • Training Fee: Rp. 6.500.000,- (non residential)
  • Special Rate: Rp. .6.000.000,-/peserta (min 3 participants from the same company
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